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Tethr and Tropo in the Google I/O Sandbox

Tethr is proud to be a participant in this year’s Google I/O Sandbox. The sold-out event will take place in San Francisco June 27th-29th. We are looking forward to showing some very neat new features.

We’ve partnered with Tropo to bring WebRTC to our platform. WebRTC allows you to talk with people connected to Tethr using your web browser without any plugins. This currently works on Google Chrome, but will be coming soon to other browsers.

We will be demonstrating a laptop and web browser making a phone call to a GSM phone network hosted by Tethr using the OpenBTS software from Range Networks. This is revolutionary technology that enhances user experience and capability in a great new way.

Imagine a radio station set up after a disaster. The Tethr-powered radio station provides information to its listeners, but also allows people around it to connect via GSM phones to pass in new information. The radio station can host a call-in program using a laptop for maximum audio quality and ease-of-use.

That same setup can be used after a disaster to let affected people make telephone calls anywhere in the world using a laptop set up at an aid station.

Tropo also powers Tethr’s ability to take SMS messages and pass them into our Ushahidi crisis map as incident reports. Tethr can also set up a local IVR (Interactive Voice Response) so that anyone connected via Wifi or GSM can file an incident report by answering simple questions.

Best mention of the BBC article yet

Be patient, folks. We’ll cover the Zombie Apocalypse survial market soon enough.